Guadalupe River State Park-Bulverde, Texas (more than just a place to float)

When most Texans think of the Guadalupe River they think of obnoxious coeds floating the river with one hand on the cooler and the other wrapped around a cold beer. Well fortunately for us there is much more to this river than keg stands! Located between Boerne and Bulverde on Hwy 46, this park offers tremendous access to the Guadalupe River in addition to Honey Creek. If your headed from Austin, take I35 to New Braunfels, grab some kolaches and trail mix at Buc-ee’s, and hop on Hwy 46 towards Boerne. Added bonus: scenic drive through the hill country.

I recommend purchasing the Texas State Park Pass. It’s $70 bucks for a year and it covers the daily entrance fee for anyone riding in that pass holders vehicle. It doesn’t cover camping but it definitely is worth it if you have a group in one car or go to state parks more than a half dozen times.

This state park offers excellent fishing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and swimming  on a 9 mile stretch of the river. We went New Year’s Day and found the park to be fairly busy but not exceptionally crowded. We hiked loop 3 which offered some scenic overlooks of the surrounding hills and the river. The best trail follows the river by the picnic area. There are some rapids and towering cypress trees. We didn’t have time to make the tour for the Honey Creek State Natural Area located within the park. My Dad and I went off trail years ago and found the creek. I know for a fact it’s one of the most beautiful creeks in Texas and it’s crystal clear. I believe there is small fee or suggested donation associated with the tour.

Overall we would give this park 8 out of 10 crows. Good trails, an interpretative center for the kids, bird watching for the seniors, and a cool river to play in during those brutal summer months. See ya’ll on the next trail. As always look for us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!


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