2014 – First Camping Trip of the Year – DAVIS MOUNTAINS – MONAHANS SANDHILLS

We’re packing up the pups, firewood and tent and making our way to West Texas to hopefully not get eaten by a mountain lion, bear or javelina (even though javelinas can’t devour me, I’m still nervous). Maybe I should pack my Chinese throwing stars for protection or maybe I should invest in a ghillie suit and post up in a tree the entire time. Either way, there will be fantastic views of the mountains and valleys, not to mention the stars are going to be pretty amazing at night.

My husband doesn’t seem too worried about these predators in the night but he doesn’t have supersonic ears like I do.  I hear a dove fart in the wind and I’m concocting some crazy image in my head of Sasquatch roasting me over an open fire pit. Maybe I’ll grab some Jack Links just to be safe….ok, maybe I’m really hoping Sasquatch will make an appearance because, let’s get serious, that would be epic! Jack Links, PACKED! I’m taking my Native American headband to feel more at one with nature and to help with my tracking skills. I’m part Native American and it’s about time I put those skills to use.

Moving past the nocturnal predators and my secret fear of sounds of sticks breaking and bushes rustling, there will be some amazing hiking and photog possibilities on this trip. Since I’m the designated photographer on the blog and my husband should probably stick to being the only one allowed to write, I plan on getting some pretty amazing shots on this trip. I’ve only been to the Davis Mountains once and it was an overnight trip on the way to Colorado and from what I can remember, it was gorgeous.

See you on the trails….and don’t worry, my husband will write the rest…. But, you should probably worry about my sanity.


Sasquatch Moon
Sasquatch Moon

Davis Mountains

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