Backroad to Fischer Store

Feeling bored on a Sunday afternoon? Your favorite NFL team done for the season? Hop in your ride and head for Fischer Store between Blanco and Wimberley Texas on hwy 32. We like to take 150 from Kyle to 3237 which leads your through some rugged hill country landscape. As you’re coming into Wimberley take a right at the first light onto hwy 12 and head through town. If you have time take a knee and stroll through the downtown shops or grab a drink at Cypress Creek Cafe. They have great live music throughout the week and a nice menu if you’re hungry. When your pocketbook is almost empty that’s your cue to head for 2325 and Fischer Store. Take a left on 181 or Fischer Store Road. Drive slowly and take in the scenery. Watch out for the deer as they enjoy finding the hood of your car if you drive too quickly.

When you get to Fischer you’ll see a dance hall and bowling club. Not much typically is happening so check their facebook site, though I didn’t find it to be too informative. The town doesn’t have much to offer but a little history and a scenic drive. Take 484 south to hwy 32 and hang a left towards canyon lake. Another scenic drive around the lake which is a great place to cool off in the heat of the summer or you can find a tube and float down the Guadalupe River at the Horseshoe. Enjoy this trip with the windows down and a George Strait song on the radio. See y’all on the backroads. Safe travels!

image (76)


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