Nocturnal Madness & Docta Jones – Davis Mountains, TX

Our adventure to the Davis Mountains went so well this past weekend that we can’t wait to plan our next trip out west. We started out with a pit stop at Starbucks (duh) and pulled out the old dusty road map, Yes, the paper kind! Do people use the old road maps anymore? Well, they should! In my opinion they are a work of art and get me super excited to find new roads.


Once we found our way to the Davis Mountains State Park the park rangers in the office were a little taken back that we were camping. They told my husband we were the only ones in the park camping in a tent that night. To me, that seemed a little strange since it was a Saturday night and it really wasn’t THAT cold. It was rather nice, 70 degrees during the day and about 38 at night. Maybe there had been Sasquatch sightings? Anyway, we laughed it off and went about picking out our site (watch out for my husband’s post on details about which campsite has the best spot to which hike has the best views) As we were setting up our campsite, the park host meandered over to use to warn us of the JAVELINAS… I knew it, I knew there was a reason people weren’t camping. These crafty beasts will come out of know where and …….eat your dog food! Whaaa whaaaa, I was expecting some horror story of a gang of Javelinas gone wild, ripping up tents, stealing small children and running amuck in people’s campsites. Instead we get a tame warning of, eh, just watch your dogs and hide the dog food. I had no idea Javelinas had a hankering for the canine food.


I like to think of myself as a country girl and not really scared of much. I’ve been hog hunting on many occasion and gotten myself into some pretty sticky situations with those beasts. Although I can hold my own in the country and live to be a daredevil, I have not yet encountered the smaller hogs called Javelinas. I’ve seen them from a distance while hunting and have seen them scurry off the road at night. But, have them in my campsite while I’m relaxing in my Bud Light chair? No!  Of course we picked the most secluded campsite surrounded by bushes and trees, perfect for hiding javelinas, rabid bunnies or even the elusive mountain lion. All of this is in my head while I’ve got my butt in the air stirring the pot of stew on the fire when Crockett ( AKA: Wild Dog) starts going buzzerk. I dropped the spoon and screamed “GET THE DOGS” and sprinted across the campsite and with one astounding jump I’m at the top of the picnic table perched like Katniss Everdeen ready to fight to the death in the Hunger Games of Javelinas. All while my husband sits calmly in his chair with his glass of whiskey looking at me like I’ve gone mental.  (I’ve seen this look many times) Eventually he gets up from his perfectly good spot by the fire to secure our insane dog, in the truck. He laughs at me and says “Why are you so afraid of a 30lbs animals? You’ve been hog hunting!” Ummm maybe because they’re fast like lightening,  will rip my Achilles tendon out, and then I’ll be stuck on the ground unable to move where they can eat my eyeballs….along with the rest of the dog food. Then where will we be? Our dogs will have no food and most likely starve to death, my eyeballs are gone and I can’t walk. Good luck! He rolls his eyes and tells me I’m insane. HEY, I’ve never disputed this accusation.


I decide to make my way off the picnic table to finish the stew and have a nice heaping bowl when I hear MORE scurrying in the bushes behind my husband. Once again, I’m sitting on the picnic table before he could even speak and not to mention he didn’t even flinch. I finish my bowl of stew atop my new favorite spot in the campsite and remain there for a little while longer. As we sat there I noticed these animals had no care for use at all, they just meander through our site not even looking at us, couldn’t  care less that a yellow beast in the truck wants to gnaw their heads off and goes about their business down the road. So, I decided my Achilles will be fine for now but still kinda scared for the dog food, as I remembered I left some on the ground for Crockett. HEAVENS NO! They’ll be back!!!


For the rest of the night anytime I heard sticks breaking and bushes rustle I jumped a little but made a huge breakthrough by staying in my chair by the fire. I’m pretty sure the whiskey helped in that breakthrough.


As the night rolled along and the whiskey was warming our souls, I had my camera out experimenting with night sky/star shots. I wanted to hike up to the charming little lodge nestled in the ravine of two adjoining mountains to get to the highest point and take some shots of the mountains and sky.  By this point the whiskey had taken over my fears and we were trekking up the road and through the trails to the lodge. I quickly spotted the highest point at the lodge and made my way through the twists and turns, corridors and stairs to the top of this adobe style lodge.  Since it was so quiet I figured no one was around except me, Justin and the Javelinas…OH, and a skunk I happened to run into. No, he didn’t spray me. It’s like all the animals could give two shakes that we were there. I couldn’t hear any TV’s or talking and there were no lights on. So, I had no issue with invading anyone’s space on the penthouse floor. As I set my shutter speed for 30 seconds I’m trying to be as quiet as a mouse when I spot my husband on the ground looking up at me. I shrugged my shoulders and said “what?” Once my camera clicked off I turned and ran up another set of stairs to a higher vantage point. To my surprise there was a dark figure standing in the shadows smoking a cigar. I looked at him wide-eyed and gasp “oh, you scared me” as these words are flowing out of my mouth I’m studying his face and the second his words “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” came out of his. I was certain this was Indiana Jones himself or Harrison Ford if you like that name better. I wanted to say “Docta Jones, is that you?” but decided to explain why I was on his balcony with a camera. He didn’t seem bothered and went about smoking his cigar while I pressed the shutter button on my camera forgetting it was set to 30 seconds. So, I sat there, awkward and silent while counting down the seconds in my head and really wondering if this was in fact Harrison Ford or if the whiskey was playing with my emotions….cruel joke whiskey….cruel joke.  Once my camera clicked I snatched it up and ran down the stairs with no words. I was gone in a flash like a thief in the night and left Docta Jones standing on the balcony wondering what this crazy lady was doing in the middle of the night, on his balcony, in the mountains of west Texas.  I rounded the corner to meet my husband sauntering through a corridor and I yelled/whispered with my feet shuffling in place “I think I just met Harrison Ford AKA: Docta Jones”!!!  He says “Well, did you say INDY? And do you want to go back and ask him if he is Indiana Jones?” As I sat there for a brief second and pondered the thought about climbing those stairs and invading the poor man’s space AGAIN, I decided that probably wasn’t such a good idea. He might push me off the balcony this time.

Come to find out there was a reason my husband was standing on the ground staring at me blankly from a far, he saw Docta Jones standing there the entire time! **Gasp**  Can a wife get a warning call or a Navy Seal hand signal? Something to let me know there’s a creepy dark figure lurking behind her! Geez, could have been Sasquatch and I didn’t even have my Jack Links with me!!


The rest of the night was a little long as my crazy dog Crockett would not sleep from all the Javelinas lurking about, but when the sun came up the next morning we were so happy to be in such a beautiful spot all alone in the Davis Mountains. We cannot wait to get back out to west Texas to explore more of the West Texas mountain ranges and to see what other shenanigans we can get into.

See you on the trails…or on your balcony! *Just kidding! …… or am I?


**Sorry, there is no picture of Indiana Jones, I figured that would be pushing it.

Overlook of the Lodge Indian Lodge Campsite 81 Indian LodgeIndian Lodge Pool Indian Lodge Javalinas

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