Monahans Sandhills State Park-far from ordinary and far from everything


Have you ever sat around the house planning your next snowboarding trip…to the desert? Welcome to Monahans Sandhills State Park located 38 miles southwest of beautiful Odessa, Texas. While most people outside of Texas have probably never heard of Odessa, heck maybe some Texans other than the dudes in the oil and gas industry, you need to check out this park. This part of Texas is not known for soaring peaks (other than oil rigs) or crystal clears rivers; however Monahans Sandhills State Park has a lot to offer (mainly just sand dunes).


After a 3 hour trek from the Davis Mountains we pulled off of I20 and attempted to get our snow/sandboarding fix on the dunes. I was quite skeptical about using a snowboard on sand so we also got rented a disc similar to the one used by Clark in Christmas Vacation. The wakeboard was the overwhelming favorite as we did some serious boarding on the 70 foot slopes. You can rent the snowboards and discs for a pocket crushing two bucks each!


We had a surprisingly great time on the dunes but it’s quite the workout going up to slide down. You know that gondola we all use at the ski resorts well this state park didn’t quite have the budget to erect one of those bad boys so it’s a fully body workout! Look for the highest peaks to take advantage of the views! I know, you say what views you’re in a part of the state only a blind person would appreciate. Well if you have fairly good eyes or a pair of glasses you can see the Davis Mountains.


Take lots of water and clothes you don’t mind getting sandy! After all you are in the desert! Take a few adult brews if you’re a rebel as the state parks don’t allow alcoholic beverages to be seen in public. A red solo cup will serve it’s purpose quite well. Obviously this park is all about the dunes so don’t expect to see stunning trees as there are none in sight and cold water is found only streaming from a faucet. So if you ever find yourself on a road trip to Midland, Pecos, El Paso, or the less popular Ruidoso take a couple of hours to strap on a board and hits the slopes of Monahans Sandhills State Park. It may not be worth an 8 hour drive but it’s a cool/hot spot to share some good times! See y’all on the back roads!


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