Pedernales Falls State Park-Johnson City, Texas

After braving freezing rain and snow the day before on the way to work, we both decided we needed to get outside on a 65-degree day the very next day. We figured we make the short drive outside of Austin to Pedernales Falls State Park. This is a great place to take the dogs and hit the well-manicured trails.


On this particular hike we chose to take a trail that did not take us along the Pedernales River. We chose the Wolf Mountain trail which in reality is just one of the taller hills in the area. With the dogs on the leashes we hit the trail for an afternoon hike. Our goal was to get to Jones Spring, which was at the edge of the park boundaries. We came across some nice creeks and a pretty cool primitive camping area. One of the things we dislike about the primitive camping in Texas state parks is the ban on campfires. I understand why they don’t allow them it just isn’t nearly as fun to camp without that fire to tell embellished stories or roast marshmallows for the campfire favorite treat.


Nearly 45 minutes later we got to Jones Springs, which is a unique spot to rest those weary legs and quiet the mind. After a few moments to reflect on the hike, we turned around and hit the trail back to the truck. While there isn’t much to see along the trail, you do get the feeling of being removed from the city which ultimately is why we daytrip. With so many distractions these days, a daytrip to the country can rehabilitate a heavy mind. So many times we get caught up with work that we forget how to quiet the thoughts that fill the mind. I encourage you all to plan more daytrips wherever you may live as there is always time to make time to escape from our working life. See y’all on the trails!image (19) image (20) image (22) image (23) image (24) image (25)

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