Enchanted Rock State Natural Area-Fredericksburg, Texas

If you’re looking for a unique experience just outside of Fredericksburg, Texas look no further than Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. This park is all about the rock with miles of hiking up, down, and around this massive dome of granite. Make sure to pack your gear early and get to the park before the line of vehicles spill into the highway outside of the park. I recommend getting there before 9am or after 2pm. We finally purchased our Texas State Park pass, which covers the cost of everyone’s entrance fee into the park for an entire year! The card will cover up to 14 people if you can squeeze them into one car. 70 bucks is quite the bargain if you enjoy camping and hiking as much as we do each year!

state park pass

After purchasing our park pass we met our friends on the trail. The weather this year in Texas has been unpredictable with 75 degree one day and lower 30 the following day. We were fortunate to pick a day when the weather was a balmy 77 degrees and the skies were clear. With Crockett and Luke on the leash we hiked up the mountain. Lots of people with their dogs made for a congested hike; however the dome is large enough that there is plenty of real estate to enjoy for all.

image-27 enchanted2 enchanted3

There is a small cave on the opposite side of the dome near the top that is an interesting place to grab a snack and enjoy the 360 degree views of the hill country. Pick a direction and work your way down the mountain and enjoy the massive boulders resting along the side as if placed by an unknown giant. Be sure to stop and admire the climbers scaling the sides of large rocks surrounding the mountain. We picked up a trail between the two large domes and hiked around the mountain. A three mile hike was all our dogs could manage this day.

image (26)enchanted

I encourage you all to take a trip to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. This place is busy on the weekend and camping is tight. I recommend the primitive camping as the spots near the front of the park are very close. This is a fantastic place for a day trip as you can enjoy lunch or dinner in Fredericksburg and then hit a winery or two if you care to indulge. We found a biergarten in off of main street for a quick bite and a refreshing beer. Make sure to check out Hondo’s if you intend on staying in Fredericksburg as they have some great live music. Hope to see you all on the trail!


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