Telluride Trail Tales

As you may have seen on our Facebook page or mostly Instagram, we traveled to the southern part of Colorado for a week long adventure. We started our Adventure camping in the Denver airport for a night and then escaped that jailhouse and made our way down to Durango to gather the rest of our baggage that was lost. If you have a choice, never fly Frontier – trust me!

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Our first leg of the journey was picturesque mountain town, Telluride! Telluride is known for some of the best skiing in Colorado but it’s summer time adventures can’t be beat in my mind. There’s fly fishing, ATV rentals, kayaking, tubing, Jeep rentals, hiking, and mountain bike rentals.  We ended up renting mountain bikes from an awesome rental right downtown Telluride. We took the bikes up the free Gondola to the top of the mountain at Station St. Sophia. We jumped on the longest trail called Prospect Trail and ended up having a 4 hour long ride up through the ski slopes and down through dense forests and over creeks.

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The trail is marked intermediate with a few slippery spots. We all busted a few times going down but nothing too bad. The boomerang trail we jumped on at the end is a black diamond and is extremely hard to get down, I would avoid this trail unless you are crazy good at biking.

image(2) image(2) copyimage copy 9 image copy 8 photo(1) copy 5

We ended our biking adventure with a celebratory beer at the Last Dollar Saloon, we were celebrating no broken bones and no rushes to the ER.

photo(1) copy 3

Also, if you need a good hint on a great place to camp near Telluride, Sunshine campground was pretty fantastic with great camping spots, ours overlooked the mountains!

photo(1) copy 4 image copy 7

Telluride is the perfect place for summertime adventures!

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