Dreaming of Spring in the ATX

As a winter snap hit Texas late last night & threw everyone into a tizzy, I’m busy trying to bundle up and remind myself that Spring should be coming soon….right? This winter has been long enough and I’m tired of dry hair, skin, and cold feet. Spring means short shorts, warm sunshine, hiking, comfortable camping, wild flowers, and in my opinion, happiness.

A few of the places that are on our list to camp this spring are, Garner State Park, Big Bend National Park, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, and a ton of others within the Great State of TEXAS. Don’t forget to look out for these posts later in the year.

Two National Parks, that I’m super excited about that will be checked off our list this year come October. I’m planning on hitting up Plitivic Lakes National Park in Croatia and Triglav National Park in Slovenia on our European adventure. Yes, Croatia and Slovenia how exciting is that? More to come on those two adventures…

Don’t forget day trips are just as awesome as weekend trips & full on vacations and half the cost. Austin is a great day trip destination with all the food truck mania, South Congress Ave is in my opinion one of the best places to find vintage treasures, and Hamilton Pool is a site to been seen. Just get there CRAZY early as they only let a set amount of people in at a time. It’s a great spot for an intimate day with a few friends.  How often do you get to swim in a grotto? Don’t forget to stroll down the hike and bike trail on Lady Bird Lake and take in the beautiful city skyline! Or, better yet, rent a swan, kayak or paddle-board for a little exercise while you take in the city sites.

Don’t let the fear of crippling traffic or the influx of hipsters bother you, get to Austin for a quick day trip! There’s so much to see!

Wander Y’all!



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