Wild West Road Trip



What’s a girl to do when her friend mentions she’s driving across the west alone to her new home in Cali? Yell……. I’LL BRING THE SNACKS!

I was chatting with my friend on Monday about her upcoming move to the Golden State and taking a new job. I asked about the attractions she was planning on seeing and how long it was going to take her. Once I found out she was going to make this trip alone I couldn’t let her do that. My friend and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to interests. We love cheeky attractions like the largest Jack Rabbit statue or a motel it the shape of a teepee, wearing cowboy boots to every occasion. Who wouldn’t?

We leave tomorrow on this Holiday weekend to make our way up through Texas to possible stop at Cadillac Ranch ( if time permits) and onto New Mexico where we will pay our respects to Billy The Kid’s grave (PALS) and on over to Albuquerque to ride a tram to see the sunset. A few of our stops include the Wigwam Hotel, giant jacket rabbit statue, meteor hole, Grand Canyon, Mojave Desert, Joshua tree and ending in San Clemente. There will be selfies, snacks and scenery and also some shenanigans…. I can’t wait.

I hope to post at the end of each day to share where we went and what shenanigans we got ourselves into. Plus share a few photos as well……there will be tons! Plus, a surprising “wander y’all” might show up in an unexpected place. Keep your eyes peeled.



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