Doors of Prague Giveaway! 

Hey y’all! 

The past few days I’ve been wondering what to giveaway for the New Year as a gift to my followers. I had no idea, I couldn’t narrow it down at all. But I was seeing all my Instagram friends posting the “best 9 of 2015” on their pages and thought I’d submit mine and see what photos were my top 9! 

The very first photo is a photo block I made while I was sitting in a B+B in Prague. I pulled my poor husband around for hours saying ” OH LOOK ANOTHER COOL DOOR” so much that he started finding awesome doors and saying things like “don’t miss that door, oh look another door, wow….doors…” 

Once I put this photo together and posted it to social media, it exploded and everyone said I WANT THAT!!! Since I was far away and got distracted by traveling I’d  forgotten about everyone’s love for this image! So, I built a custom frame and had my image printed and done!!! Ready to giveaway…well, almost! It’s a contest, duh! 

To enter, head on over to my Instagram and follow the instructions to enter! CROWFLIESTX is my username. I’ll pick the winner on New Years Day!!! 

Good luck! 


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