Get out of our Comfort Zone!


It’s true, life DOES begin when you step out of your comfort zone. When things get rough, you’re stuck and the only way out is to jump. That’s when things get interesting!

Canceled train, unfamiliar place, foreign languages, wrong turns, sore feet, aching back…. All can leave you longing to get back on that plane headed for the comfort of your familiar bed. OR all of these stresses can keep you firmly planted on familiar soil with never stepping foot out of this comfort zone called home. But don’t! Take all that energy and use it to book that ticket, buy that room, buy those backpacks! … You won’t regret it!

Traveling is stressful, yes. BUT, it’s also rewarding and changes you each and every time you step outside your comfort zone and do something that forces you to change your usual way of life. If it’s around the world or over to the next town, it’s better than sitting on your butt on that couch dreaming of being somewhere else.

We’ve all seen the poster, “Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes your richer!” It can’t get anymore real than that. I encourage everyone to put out a travel jar, basket, baggy…. anything to throw change into and start saving for a trip….any trip! Just step outside your comfort zone and go someplace you’ve never gone before!

Get up, get out, and WANDER Y’ALL!

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