Purgatory Creek – Day Trip

Looking for a place to mountain bike or hike without having to take a long road trip? Purgatory Creek is your destination! Located within the city limits of San Marcos, Texas, this park has well maintained trails and lots of scenery. This 570 acre park is a day hikers delight and its proximity to Austin is an added bonus. Plus it’s FREE! We hiked Dante’s trail on this trip and couldn’t believe we were in the middle of San Marcos. Very few people and hardly any noise other than the wind blowing through the trees. Be sure to leave a note at the base of the live oak tree at the trail intersections of Dante and Paraiso trailheads. Remove the rock from the tree, stuff cash into the plastic bag (just kidding), leave a funny message for the next hiker, and place into the clear bag. Beware may contain dog poop from an unhappy hiker! We enjoyed this nice little escape and look forward to checking out the other trails. Be sure to let us know when you visit one of our recommended hikes and tag us on Facebook or mention us on Twitter! See y’all on the trail!


Rock Covering the Doorimage-17image-18

Wimberley – Day Trip

We happen to live in the perfect spot in Texas, at least we both think so. We have the hill country to the west, plains to the north, coast to the south and the piney woods to the east. Either direction you roam you will find beautiful scenery and some great day trips.

Our first post on Day Trips will be from our quick hike with the dogs out to Wimberley, Texas. From Austin it’s a quick 45 minute drive through some of our favorite back roads in the hill country. Check out the Back Roads page for specific roads for scenic stops on this trip.

We stumbled across this city park a few months back as we were looking for a great running trail for us and our yellow dog, Crockett. The Park is called Wimberley Blue Hole Regional Park and you guessed it, it’s right next to the Blue Hole (which we will discuss in detail on swimming holes). There are multiple trails to pick from, some go right by the blue hole and others by the dried creek beds, sports center and information stations. This complex has multiple public bathrooms that are very clean, in fact they were getting cleaned as we walked past them. Also, for people who love new ideas and building things there are multiple stops along the way to explain how they catch rain water and reuse it from their homemade cisterns. There are basketball courts, sand volleyball, play scape and soccer fields. This place has it all and great views to go along with it. Although dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed in the Blue Hole swimming hole they are allowed on the trails and around the park.

Cistern next to the Blue Hole
Blue Hole Swimming HoleEntrance for the Park Cistern next to the Blue Hole

Gate House  - Blue Hole  Blue Hole Swimming Hole rules Blue Hole Cistern Info Cistern Marked Trail Basketball Courts

Check out the photos of Wimberley Blue Hole Regional Park

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