About Us

Renee & Justin

renee and justinWe are a husband & wife team who are avid backpackers, hikers, and adventurers. Our home base is Austin, Texas but we roam on the outskirts of town with our two dogs every weekend we can. We love the great outdoors (the movie too! Psh, who doesn’t love John Candy?) and love to explore places that are off the beaten path. You will find out that we both are true Texans through & through as well as our two dogs Luckenback & Crockett. Luckenback is the small black and white Chihuahua and Crockett is the massive yellow lab. They will be by our sides every step of the way and sometimes in our arms, although Crockett really needs to learn that he isn’t a lap dog. When it comes to day trips, overnight tent camping, and mountain biking, hiking or full on backpacking through the wilderness or hostel hopping overseas, we hope to bring some new stories your way as well as giving you new places to add to your own itinerary. We want to live each day as an adventure before we both break a hip, lose the keys or forget who we are. What we would like to achieve is to inform fellow hikers, day trippers, and adventurers to new spots or hidden gems around the area as well as around the country. This is a great big world and so much of it is to be explored.


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